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At the time of settlement, everybody looks for properties, either a finished flat or villa or land suitable to construct a home of their choice.  Finding flats – villas – plots at the right location with the required basic amenities is a paramount factor always to be considered when you are decided to own a property.  You probably start searching various real estate advertisements to identify the property and the developer or seller.  The best practice to find your desired property and real estate seller are to look for the seller pertained to the location.  To be precise, if you are looking for properties at Palakkad – Kochi – Coimbatore you need to look for a Builder in Palakkad – Kochi – Coimbatore.

Your research parameters how to locate the right builder would be through a personal reference, billboard advertisements,  media publications, Google search or internet campaign. For people who are tech savvy and depends on a lot of internet research, your search for Builder in Palakkad – Kochi – Coimbatore can certainly take you to the web page of Chathamkulam Builders.

Chathamkulam Builders:

Over 15 years of construction and land development experience make this company as one of the most sought after name in real estate business.  The company is located at Chandra Nagar in Palakkad city.  Palakkad is located in the foothill of the Western Ghats, one of the fast developing cities in Kerala state.  The builder offers flats –villas - plots in Coimbatore, Kochi, and Palakkad city.  Being a reputed entity in real estate business, you can blindly trust Chathamkulam Builders when you are looking for a Builder in Palakkad-Kochi-Coimbatore.


Over 15 years construction experience definitely deserves a standing ovation for the company who withered all market fluctuations and met the challenges by full filling their promises.  The customer appreciations are the benchmark to measure the reputation of Chathamkulam Builders.


The finished flats and villas reflect the quality concept of Chathamkulam Builders.  Quality building materials meeting ISI standard instruction are used for the constructions.  Be it electrical wiring or plumbing or flooring the quality parameters are maintained unequivocally.

Title and documentation:

Chathamkulam Builders believe in offering a clean deal where the title holder will be assured of full transparency. All the properties are free of any lien unless the buyer is not taken assistance for a lien for the payment of the property.  The Builder offers, fully serviced dwellings, and tenants will have their utility services before the possession of the property. 

Technical assistance:

Once your search for a builder in Palakkad-Kochi-Coimbatore finalized, you can make arrangements with Chathamkulam Builders for the processing of documentation, and the management will spring into action, to complete the formalities.  The builder shall offer the following assistance:

  • Plan and design by professionally quality architects and engineers.
  • Documentations and procurements of materials.
  • Business management assistance including financing facility facilitations with banking institutions.
  • Construction works and commissioning
  • Liaisoning with civic authorities and keeping the documentations in order.
  • Back office support service

Customer is the king:

Chathamkulam Builders always maintain their promise, by meeting the deadline of the commissioning.  The legacy of their reputation can be reflected in every action of their deal.  The builder employs the best technology to meet the day to day administration, and every detail of the deal and construction are maintained to give complete satisfaction of their customers. Being a reputed builder in Palakkad-Kochi-Coimbatore, you can always trust Chathamkulam Builders. Their name itself is an assurance.

Chathamkulam Builders Chathamkulam Builders
Chathamkulam Builders
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