Building it better in Mobile App

CeeTee Builders App is a digital platform developed by Chathamkulam Group to simplify the Construction Industry and help clients to Build their Dream Independent Villas at client’s Dream Location, at the customer’s Floor Plan and Elevation, at Best of its Quality, at the best Lowest Cost through companies Digitally Transparent platform in a Truthful way.


Install CeeTee Builders App

Download CeeTee Builders App from Google Playstore or directly from our website and install the app. 


Select Location

Contact us for customer login registration process assistance . Next, select your preferred location.


Customize Floor Plan

Select the most appropriate answers, matching your dream Villa. Floor plan and elevation is generated. You can customize it as per your requirements.


Detailed Estimated Cost

Once the Floor Plan is finalized, move on to the next step. Here you will get a detailed split up estimate for constructing your Dream Independent Villas.


Why Choose Us ?

We help your in Building Quality Homes

We help our clients in getting their dream customised villas built as a branded villa in high standard, high quality, and with high value, in a lower cost of 10-20% depending up on the specification. Every purchase is done directly by the client through our digital system (CDPPMC), similar to uber, ola,, etc in various other segments.

  • 20+ Years Experience
  • Honest and Dependable
  • Quality Commitment
  • We Are Always Improving
Dream Villas

Build Villas through our App

Make Your Dream Villa into Reality with CeeTee Builders App

Build your own dream villa in palakkad with our app. Our app plays a vital role in offering cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs using our technology. The entire construction process from the initial stage of house construction to execution is made simple and transparent through our app. By understanding the difficulty of the villa construction methods we have followed till now, take an innovative approach to save your time, effort and money. Our app plays an important role in home construction because it is cost effective. We understand the need to stay within budget without compromising on quality. Our app allows you to track costs and compare rates. This app helps you build your home in a cost-effective manner without going over budget. Our app is designed to meet the unique needs of house builders. From choosing your preferred location to selecting materials, we are building your house by giving importance to your opinions. With our years of experience, you can be sure that your villa in the beautiful landscape of Palakkad will be built to perfection. If you have a plan to build a villa, our app is an asset for all your construction needs. Through this app you can understand the simplicity, affordability and efficiency of modern construction technology. Make your dream villa a reality easily. Download our app and let’s start the construction journey of your dream home together.