House Construction

what are the documents  required for house construction ?

what are the documents are required for house construction ?

When building a house, various documents are required to ensure that all legal and financial as well as safety standards are met during construction. These are the important documents.
1) Vastu and Design Plans: Detailed drawings of house layout including floor plans, elevations and sections are required.
Specification Details: The documents include detailed descriptions of the materials used in the construction of the house and the work site.
2) Permissions and approvals: Approval from the government to start house construction.
Zoning Permit: Document confirming compliance with local zoning laws.
Environmental Permits: A permit certifying that the construction will not affect forests or other protected areas.
3) Contracts: Construction Contract: An agreement between the homeowner and the builder that outlines the scope of work, time limits, and schedules for financial transactions.
Subcontractor Agreement: A contract with a firm or companies carried out by an individual for any specific work.
4) Financial Documents and Loan Agreements: Documents verifying the construction loan and financial ability to complete the project.
5) Surveys and Reports: Land survey is a report that examines the boundaries of the land where the house is to be built, the topography and the strength of the soil for obtaining building permission.
6) Documentation from various stages of home construction (foundation, electrical and plumbing as well as a document certifying that the construction complies with local building codes.
7) Certificate certifying that the building is ready for occupancy.