What are the Things to Know while Buying a House Plot.

The  CeeTee Builders App -An Innovation of Chathamkulam Group provides customised villas in their own plots or plots purchased through the ceetee builders app.
The listed plot in the ceetee builders app takes detailed investigation and Research studies for Appreciation factors


1. Location


While we buying a plot , first thing you need to think about its location. Location of your plot plays vital role in your Living Experience there . Most of the important factors we want to consider such as amenities like schools, Supermarkets , Hospitals and Public Transportation are near to your plot.
Then we want to assure that safety of the Area and any potential future developments could not affect the value of your plot.


2. Ground work


Groundwork of your plot is most important thing to purchase a plot. First step to make a detailed research of that plot and want to make sure that plot are not had any potential issues like property disputes or legal concerns.

Through the Land survey done to confirm the boundaries of your plot and ensure that there is no any encroachments.

Then we want to understand the topography of the land such as soil quality and assure there is no challenges for construction.

By doing such a Detailed investigated ground work , you can avoid costly surprises in future.


3. Approvals


After the Detailed investigation of Ground work we want to obtained necessary approvals
for your plot is needed before the purchase.
with the local authorities to ensure that land is suite for residential use and verified that your
plot had required permits for House Construction.

To avoid legal issues to make sure your plot meets all building codes and Regulations.
The most important factor is the Title Deed and Ownership of your plot is smooth to transfer ownership.


4 .Appreciation


Finally consider the appreciation of your plot over the time.
Find out the market trends in the area to understand the value of your plot may increase or decrease.

Investment made on plot is the Good

We are providing services to our clients to list their plot in our Digital platform, it helps to client to sell their plot at reasonable market price.

Remember that, when you Buying a plot its not about the land. But also the surrounding factors that can greatly affect your living experience and investment potential.


Appreciation potential can be wise financial decision in the Long run.