New Home Construction

Vastu Shastra is the Indian architectural science followed since time immemorial which requires careful planning and design before building a house to increase health, wealth and happiness for a new home.
* Arrangement of Rooms and directions
* The first thing to note is that the main door of the house should be in the east, north or north- east side. This will help increase positive energy for a new home.
* The living room of the house should be north, east or northeast.
* Kitchen: South East corner is best. Or let’s look at the northwest corner.
* Bedrooms: Master bedroom should be in South West. Children’s bedrooms should be in West or North West.
* Bathroom: should be in north-west or south-east direction. North-east and south-west should be avoided in bathrooms. Puja room should be in North East. Plot and building should be square and rectangle. Plot and rooms should not be built without shape for a new home.
* Staircase: South West is best. Avoid the stairs in the northeast. Septic tank should be placed in the north-west side of the house. Water tank should be south west, west or North West. Ensure proper ventilation and sunlight. Large windows should be in North East.
* The plot should be sloped from south to north or west to east for good energy flow. The south west side of the house should be high and the north east side should be high. Emphasize the interior of the house and use light and calm colors in the reception room and bedroom. Avoid using dark colors in the north-east direction.
Always keep the house clean to increase positive energy for a new home.